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Compact Ball Lock Cylinder to Transfer a Fixture of Soldering Process

Ball Lock Cylinder securely transfers a workpiece, and prevents a workpiece drop with steel balls (ball locking). The lightweight and compact design enables to maximize payload of a transfer robot.

Coupler Keeps Pressure in a Disconnected State

After locking a workpiece on a fixture with a clamp by supplying air pressure via Leakless Coupler, it enables to maintain clamping force of the fixture (to lock the workpiece) even when the coupler is disconnected from the air source.
The pressure maintaining Leakless Coupler requires no additional air tubes or air supply during fixture transfer between applications.

Compact Pull Stud Clamp for Fixture/Pallet Transfer

Pull Stud Clamp is used by installing a pull bolt to a transferred object (fixture, pallet, etc.) and a pull stud clamp to a robot.
The ultra-light and compact pull stud clamp as a robotic hand enables powerful holding and maximizes robot payload. With a self-locking function it prevents a pallet drop even when air pressure is cut off. Also recommended to use the clamp as a tool locking function of a tool stocker.

Internal-Chucking Clamp to Transfer a Workpiece with a Gantry

Hole Clamp powerfully clamps a workpiece hole. Enables workpiece transfer as a space-saving and light hand. (Model SWE can be used as a clamp in a machine tool.)
FA Pneumatic Hole Clamp (model WKH) is recommended for use in a clean environment and when requiring less gripping force than model SWE.

Air Pilot Check Valve for Safety

Ultra-compact and light air pilot check valve.
It maintains air pressure even when air supply is stopped due to power failure.
Suitable for fall prevention of workpiece during transfer with a robot.
It is highly reliable with built-in Soft Seal.

Ultra-Smooth Compliance Module

Three Remarkable Features of Compliance Module:
・Ultra-Smooth Floating
・Directly Mounted to Robotic Hand Changer

Workholding with "No Interference" around a Workpiece

Workholding example by using Hole Clamp, Expansion Locating Pin and Work Support.
There is no unrequired interference around or on the workpiece, allowing for automation of testing, assembly, machining and more.

Stops at Contact!Gently Support a Workpiece

Work Support gently touches a workpiece and powerfully holds its plunger (rod). Enables to support a thin workpiece and prevent a workpiece deformation during press-fit and assembly.

Clamps for Washing Application

These high-power pneumatic clamps are exclusively designed for washing application.
Please consider our products in need of automation for washing application.

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