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Exhibition Contents

Robotic Tool Change: Internal Chucks and External Chucks

“High-Performance and High-Accuracy Robotic Hand Changer (model SWR)” that changes robotic hands and tools has no backlash and prevents locating errors that lead to troubles of automation.
Introducing tools for transfer hand: a hole clamp by gripping inside a workpiece hole (model WKH) and a cylinder that holds a workpiece with steel balls (model WKA).

Large Expansion Locating Pin enables both automation and locating.

High-accuracy locating pin with expansion and retraction of pin head.
The 1.1mm large-expansion model enables “easy setup” and “high-accuracy locating” of a workpiece during automated transfer, assembly and machining, for improving productivity and quality, and reducing defect ratio.

3μm High-Accuracy Locating Pin

Expansion locating pin with the highest locating repeatability: 3μm among KOSMEK expansion locating pins.
Best for finishing and high-accuracy machining.
(Lineup: Pneumatic double acting model, hydraulic single-acting model and hydraulic double-acting model)

High-Accuracy Setup of Fixture Pallet|Accuracy Testing|

Simple, quick and high-accuracy fixture pallet change with Pallet Clamp
Both automatic and manual fixture changes possible, reducing a fixture setup time to the minimum.

Setup of Robot|High-Accuracy Re-Setting|

High-Accuracy Robot Setup Example
Using locating clamps with 3μm locating repeatability enables to eliminate re-teaching and re-positioning with a camera when re-setting the robot.

Lifting Hole Clamp

Three functions in one cylinder: Lift Cylinder, Locating Pin and Hole Clamp
Saves space required for lifting devices.

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