Privacy Policy

KOSMEK Ltd. (hereinafter "KOSMEK") fully recognizes the importance of privacy and manages your personal information with the greatest possible care according to the following policy.

How Your Information is Handled

Personal information is information that can be used to identify an individual customer. Such information includes the customer's name, phone number, e-mail address and mailing address. If the information can be used by itself or in combination with other information to identify an individual customer, it is considered personal information. KOSMEK obtains personal information through such means as exchanging business cards and user registration on the company's website.

At times, we ask our customers to provide personal information voluntarily in order to provide or improve services or for other reasons that are made clear at the time of collection. The personal information that is collected will not be used for any other purposes.
Your personal information will never be given except:

・ When you have given your consent.
・ Within the scope of the purpose of use of personal information, when it is used for a shared purpose by our
group companies and our sales agents, or when it is outsourced to our partner companies.
・ When disclosure or provision of information is required under the provisions of laws and regulations.

KOSMEK takes great care when handling the personal information provided to us by our customers.
From time to time KOSMEK uses the personal information you provide us to announce improvements to our business and services and to
introduce new products. Your personal information may be disclosed to an outsourcing company under our supervision in order to provide
certain services, but only to the extent that it is necessary.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information
To send marketing information of our products and services (including new products) and event information such as exhibitions, etc.
To research and analyze for the purpose of product development, service and quality improvement.
To respond to inquiries and other requests.


Cookies are small data files which are sent from the web server when the user browses the website and stored on the user's computer for identification purposes. Some cookies are active only while the user browses the website and are removed when the user leaves.
Others remain on the user's computer permanently until the user removes them.
These data files stored on the user's computer are read by the web server and enable the website to provide more efficient services to repeat visitors.
KOSMEK website uses cookies to improve customer convenience (automatic input on inquiry forms, maintaining login status, etc.), recording website browsing histories such as data downloads, and sending advertisements.

You can check your browser settings to see if a website has stored cookies on your computer. You can also set your browser so that you are alerted each time a cookie is sent to ask whether you wish to accept it or not. Alternatively, you can set your browser to accept all cookies. Some cookies are removed when you leave the site, and others remain on your computer. Cookies that remain on your computer can be manually removed. This site can be used with or without cookies, but we recommend that you accept cookies from our website so that you can make use of the services that cookies enable.

This privacy policy may be modified in order to better protect your personal information or to comply with changes to laws related to personal information. Such modifications will be made whenever necessary, so we ask that you check this page for the latest information.
※ Inquiry sent from this website are encrypted and protected by SSL. If your browser does not support SSL or if you have modified the settings you may not be able to access the inquiry forms.

KOSMEK may use Display Advertising and Google Analytics Marketing for online advertisement.
Third-party vendors including Google use cookies to display ads for KOSMEK on web pages on sites across the internet.
Visitors can customize Google Display Network ads by using Ads Preferences Manager to opt-out Google Analytics for Display Advertising.