What is QDCS (Quick Die Change System) ?

QDCS (Quick Die Change System) is a system to change a die on a press machine quickly.
It is a much safer and quicker system compared to a system using U-clamps and bolts to fix a die.

The application example video of QDCS installed
to a press machine of one of our customers.

Application Examples

QDCS is mainly composed of the following 3 devices.

1. AUTOMATIC CLAMP to fix a die

We have a variety of automatic clamps designed
to fit various kinds of press machines and dies.

This is an application example video of automatic
clamps installed to press machines.

2. DIE LIFTER to move a die on a bolster with a light force

Balls are lifted up during die change so that
you can move a die freely with a light force.

This is an application example video of pneumatic
free roller lifter installed to a press machine.

3. PRE-ROLLER to transfer a die into a press machine with a crane / a folklift.

We have a wide variety of pre-rollers designed
for various kinds of press machines and dies.

This is an application example video of removable
and folding pre-roller installed to a press machine.

Kosmek QDCS has been introduced to the latest robot transfer press line.

Our manual-slide hydraulic clamps are
installed to the robot transfer press line.

※ A hydraulic unit is required for hydraulic devices and a pneumatic unit is required for pneumatic devices.

How to Choose

How to Choose the Right QDCS Products ?

Having trouble with selecting the right products for QDCS installation?


QDCS Selection Lists by Press Machine Models

Check the following seleciton lists to choose the right products depending on press machine(s) you will introduce.


Search Filters for More Specific Selection

Need to choose die lifter and pre-roller more specifically?
Use the search filters for more specific model selection.

Search Filters* Please select in order of ①, ② and ③.
① Bolster Width (Front to Back)
② Max. Die Weight
③ Pre-Roller Die Travel
Recommended Model(s)
Die Lifter

Notes :
1. For further information, refer to the PDF catalog on each product page. Click to see the product pages.
2. Recommended models of RA and RQA Die Lifer are based on the allowable die weight when the die material is S45C.
3. Recommended model of RQC Die Lifter is based on the lifting force when supplying 0.5MPa air pressure.
4. Recommended models of RA, RQA and RQC Die Lifer are based on the number of rollers (balls) where a die is placed under condition
  that the front-back die width and the die travel to stop become the same length.
5. It is required to order the stands for MRG, MRJ and MRK Pre-Roller.
 The stand model varies depending on the height of the bolster. Please refer to the catalog of Pre-Roller from here.


Contact Us for a System with Other Conditions

Step.1 and Step.2 show the recommended models for standard systems.
Please contact us when there are other conditions such as a scrap hole on a bolster.

Contact Us

Not Applicable to Standard System ?

A bolster has a scrap hole? Unable to install automatic clamps due to a huge die?
We have various solutions to such cases. Our specialists will find the best system for you.
Please feel free to contact us.



Press Machine Related Products

Looking for Improvement other than QDCS ?

Other than QDCS, we offer transfer robotic hand,
welding clamp and more products to increase
productivity of press machines.
Check the brochure to see more about Kosmek
press machine related products.