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High-Power Automation Pallet Clamp

The pallet clamp enables simple and quick fixture setup with simultaneous locating and clamping function. Safety is ensured by powerful holding force, and the low-profile body allows for smooth loading/unloading.

Locating Pin Clamp for Welding

High-accuracy locating and powerful clamping of a workpiece possible with Locating Pin Clamp. Floating model and smaller diameter model for Φ8/Φ9mm are newly added to the lineup. Suitable for welding application, transfer and more.

Manual Robotic Hand Changer

New release of "Manual Robotic Hand Changer SXR" best suitable for collaborative robot.

Safety Push Valve (Fall Prevention Valve)

The valve to prevent a tool fall caused by a valve operating error. It limits the Robotic Hand Changer (model SWR) to release only at a designated position (tool stocker). Best suitable for preventing a tool fall caused by a valve operating error during robot teaching.

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